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Boost Your Business With IVR guru Virtual Numbers

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How does it work – Boost Your Business With IVR guru Virtual Numbers as follows:

The caller pays the fee for a local call. That is, if your client is located in various parts of India and IVR GURU company is located in other location, for example, can acquire a Virtual Number in Delhi, Mumbai and configure it to ring on your PBX in main IVR GURU; as a result, this would be the cost to your customer of a local call.



  • Quality

Our Indian network truly allows us to offer high quality services that include SLA. Our telephone numbers come exclusively from local carriers in India.

Associated Services to boost your business with IVR GURU virtual numbers

  • Call Forwarding – Call Forwarding

You can purchase several virtual numbers and request the forwarding of this call to a local number in the country where your PBX is located.

  • Flexible multichannel

SIP trunks ideal for call centers and companies with large incoming volumes. You can also expand the number of channels, according to your needs, which will provide maximum efficiency of simultaneous calls and the profitability of your voice services, with a base or variable rate according to the requirements of incoming calls.

  • Blocking Calls by Number

IVR GURU allows you to have control of your incoming calls. You can decide who can call you or who cannot call you or you can also give callers the option to leave a voicemail message.

  • Call Blocking by Timetables

A service that allows to block all incoming calls in non-productive hours and provides callers the option to leave a voicemail message.

  • Availability of numbers

IVR GURU have inventory of phone numbers worldwide, which are available for immediate activation, and consequently a higher quality of DID’S.

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