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Business Continuity & Call Center in lockdown COVID-19

Call Center and covid 19
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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Work Continuity Planning and Resources – As we are aware this very crucial time to maintain work continuity, COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Work Continuity Planning and Resources – As we are aware this very crucial time to maintain work continuity, As private sectors and government sectors are asking employees to work from home in less-affected regions to maintain work continuity and handle large wave in interactions volume during COVID-19 (Coronavirus) burst.IVR guru is supporting service during this emergency. From Today till 15 Apr 2020 we are offering IVRservice@Home- a low charge option to use IVR Guru Service without any distractions, our services-grade cloud contact center platform for private and government to move their employee a work from home environment 24*7.


Keep Employee Safe & healthy: This time is very harmful to work physically together in an organization, Like any environment in which many employees are working in physical closeness to one another, the contact center can be at risk for spreading germs even in best circumstances. IVR guru is now providing cloud services@home, a low price for new customers, offering for 45 Days to support work/business continuity.

Working Around the Clock: 24/7 Shift across locations: Having a business that is operating around the clock brings along multiple challenges during Covid-19(Coronavirus). From strategic planning to the minutiae, like coming up with an effective 24/7 shift schedule template, numerous industries are struggling to keep up with ongoing business demands. Managers need to keep an eye on employee morale, wellbeing, and productivity under very demanding work circumstances.



Fast Support Service Many businesses and government bodies have already seen a large spike in customer contacts since the COVID-19 outbreak. To continue serving customers and citizens in this dynamic environment, call center software must have two very critical capabilities: elastic scalability and rapid changes to contact flows, IVRS dialogs, and other operational processes. Even if you are not already using an elastic, cloud-native platform for your contact center, it is possible to move to IVRS  within days if needed. The following resources below show how quickly IVR guru can help your organization move in this emergency.

Ensure Service Reliability 
At this time of pandemic affecting your area is to ensure that customers are always able to reach the contact center even in the event of network or voice service outages. IVR guru has a global service that can help you in any circumstances and we support you to achieve your goal without distractions. We proactively monitor continuously forecast demand with reserves for immediate spikes in volume and the ability to add data and storage capacity immediately. Our services build our customer trust so we can ensure service reliability.

– Our technician gives smart and dynamic service to customers.- We monitor per minute activity on daily basis.- We support customers to achieve their goals.- We are smart and quick service provider.- We work 24/7 online.

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