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Different Business, Different Sales Processes, Different Dialer Technologies

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Businesses have different sales processes depending on the business type, and industry. Businesses often fail to choose the right dialer technology as per their sales process. The gap comes when an IT guy chooses a dialer rather than a sales/ management guy. I had a recent experience where my client continued to use a Predictive Dialer rather than a Power Dialer for a year for their B2B complex sales process as the former was much more acceptable to the IT guy as he had experience working in a typical telemarketing call center kind of environment. However, when I luckily got a chance to speak to the management as a part of a typical feedback call, I was able to convince them why Power dialer makes much more sense for their B2B sales process rather than a Predictive Dialer. The client quickly moved to our Power Dialer within a day’s time. Here are few best-suited dialers based on your business type which you may choose depending on your industry.

Ideal Dialer for B2C sales

Various dialer technologies have evolved so far like Power Dialing, Predictive Dialing, Progressive Dialing, etc. B2C businesses rely heavily on Predictive Dialing since the objective is making maximum calls per day keeping the reps occupied for most of the time. They have numerous lead lists to contact in a day. Here the dialing happens on predictive algorithm basis such that based on the calling pattern the availability of the reps is predicted and the system throw calls as per its own intelligence. Also, for a low-value simple sales process, not much of the customer information is to be known by a rep before a call. Hence, CRM details are shown only post call connection.

Ideal Sales Dialer for High-value B2C and simple B2B sales

Progressive Dialing is essentially employed for high-value B2C selling and simple B2B selling, wherein the leads in a list are automatically dialled one after another, and as soon as a contact is connected the CRM details are displayed for the rep. Here, the sales objective is to keep the pace of calling at a constant level while giving considerable time to a sales rep to jump to another call. Once the current call is completed, the next number in the lead list is dialed and connected.

Ideal Sales Dialer for any B2B sales & High-value Complex B2C

Power Dialing is highly recommended for high-value complex B2C selling and B2B selling where the rep first researches a lead and assimilate the information before making the call. Here the control for calling lies in the hands of the rep whether she wants to make a call or move to the next contact. Upon making the call, the CRM opens in an editable format where the information can be updated. The call result is then logged by the rep. Post the call, CRM of next contact in the lead list pops-up before the rep and again she may choose to call the contact.

To conclude, it’s very important for sales managers to understand their sales process and choose the Right Sales Dialer to efficiently sell rather than just rely on any traditional dialer technology as proposed by an IT person. Also, effectiveness of the Dialer needs to be assessed based on the key business requirements as per your sales process. Only few dialers in the market have proved to be efficient for specific sales processes.

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