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IVR Call Center Software Noida

IVR Call Center Software IVR GURU Noida
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IVR Call Center Software IVR GURU

The call centre industry began blooming when foreign multi-national companies set foot in India and brought about employment for thousands of Indian youngsters. Fortunately, today India commands a large number of call centres of its own. A couple of years back it had become a trend to work in a call centre and almost every college-going youngster desired to join the call centre or the BPO industry because of the fancy pay packets and also because of the young vibrant crowd that worked in this industry.

No matter how glamorous the call centre industry looks, administering a call centre is not an easy task. Certain factors have to be followed to improve the quality of a call centre. The image and reputation of a company, which the call centre represents, is highly dependent on the service the call agents provide. In this article, we will discuss ways to improve the quality of a call centre. However, before we begin, let’s be clear on what is the exact definition of a call centre.


  • Excellent customer service – The call centre’s strength is highly dependent on the quality of customer service provided by the call centre agents. The way the representatives interact and resolve customer queries and the service they provide are important factors that would determine the quality of the company they are working for.
  • Call Monitoring – The quality department should monitor the service calls regularly, to assess how the agents are performing. It’s a prerequisite for good customer service. This will help in identifying the drawbacks. Subsequently, customer service representatives can be upskilled through regular feedback and motivation.
  • Emphasis on growth – Customer service representatives must be given the opportunity to handle other areas of the department. For example, supervising newly appointed call agents or taking charge of the process training or accent/linguistic training once in a while. This will boost their confidence and give them a break from the monotony of taking calls.
  • Increase professionalism
    You can use an IVR system to greet your customers in a very professional manner and to make it appear that you have more departments and employees than you actually have.




  • Reduce operational costs
    IVR systems will replace a receptionist or a customer service agent who answers calls and directs calls to agents. They are also very affordable, will increase efficiency and will reduce operational costs, so the ROI is huge.



  • Recording customer calls to improve conversation quality,
  • Tapping into the live conversations,
  • Managing and controlling multiple call agents,
  • Improving SLA during the peak hours and much more!
  • The benefits to using an IVR are clear and the associated costs are relatively low. It is therefore a sound investment with huge ROI.



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