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IVRguru help contact center transition to a remote agent model Due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

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As worldwide concern over COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to grow, IVRguru is here to help your contact center transition to a remote agent model.

Organizations and governments are progressively requesting that representatives telecommute or are moving work to workers in less influenced districts to keep up business congruity and handle enormous swings in association volume during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) episode.


IVR – Interactive Voice Respons is the technology used to replace physical work with some software. It saves a lot of money from business owners and professionals by just purchasing the cloud telephony.  These days people don’t have time and nor patience. People want everything in just one call or one touch. Since our technology has increased so much that every industry is improving itself with technology. As you might know that when companies use the IVR services it generates a very huge impact on the brand value of the company as customers can realize that the company is a very professional company. Every industry sector people are using this technology. Let’s see how this creates an impact.


We’re offering a remote arrangement that accommodates your current IVRguru contact focus permitting your specialists to work remotely without bargaining your client and representative encounters.


How can this solve by using Cloud Telephony in Lockdown?

With this help from the IVR technology, the physical work will replace by the technology. You will get the virtual number with a unique identity and hassle-free booking, automated outbound calls and text, tracking of all customers’ data, customers reports and statistics on a daily basis. The biggest advantage is that you get to experience customer loyalty through this your popularity can be increased. To operate this your will get a proper user-friendly portal that can be integrated




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