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How does Missed call services helpful for the opinion poll?

Miss call voting
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The Missed Call Service will be the best option when you are organising a live event. Just give the facility of free missed call vote to the voters and enjoy the live event voting. Through the opinion polls you can also receive the opinions on how your business is performing. Conduct live voting for market study and requirement analysis along with opinion polls for suggestions and modifications.



opinion by Missed Call” is getting popular in India. Previously, voting was majorly done by sending SMS to some SMS short-code, but now a days, it is almost getting replaced by “Missed Call”. The main reason for this is, normally user has to pay for sending SMS to any SMS shortcode Rs. 3/-. It is not easy to type and send text by many people. Also, SMS voting is limited to Mobile Phone users only while land-line telephone users are left out. Missed Call seems to include all, is free for the caller, and very quick and easy.


Missed call alert service


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