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Virtual Number and All About it

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What is a Virtual Number?

Have you ever tried calling a lot of international calls for your business? And the experience became expensive? Here is the solution for you. Virtual Number is a type of phone number which does not require any sim card or phone line. This reduces the headache regarding the cost of international calling to a great extent. By Virtual Number, you can make and also receive a call from ay computer. So it is very much useful for small companies and the cost-cutting strategy can work in this way for them for the sake of their growth.

What are the different types of Virtual Number?

There are so many types of Virtual Numbers out there. Mainly 3 types of them are used mostly. They are:

Local Numbers:

Local numbers can be obtained very easily in the targeted country or region to reduce the call charges to local rates. Suppose, you are in India and you take a local virtual number of USA, you will be charged as per the local rates of the USA. This is the main plus point of Local Virtual Number.

Toll-free Numbers:

Toll-free numbers are normally free numbers to call from the customer’s side. So business entities encourage their customers to call them more and more by tempting them by the Toll-free number given by them.

Vanity Numbers:

Vanity numbers are toll-free in nature. These numbers are used for better recalling the number or the marketing of the particular to the customer. These numbers are sometimes the mixture of numbers and words and these words are chosen as per the business type. Generally, these numbers are like 1800-456-FOOD and it will convey that it is a food delivery business. Or sometimes only numbers are there but they are repeated in nature like 625-1-625.

So these are the main types of Virtual Numbers by which the customers are more likely to call the company to avail their services or convey the feedback about the services.

What are the Advantages of Virtual Numbers?

There are so many advantages of these virtual numbers over the normal phone numbers. And those advantages can be the reasons enough to choose virtual numbers for the business.

The virtual numbers can add weight to your business entity. It looks much more professional than any other phone line or number. And in case of toll-free numbers, people feel encourages to call the company to clear their queries after knowing that this call will be completely free of cost.

No hardware related problems will be there as virtual numbers don’t need any phone line or sim card. So there won’t be any problem regarding the hardware machines.

You can call abroad at local rates only. Because in virtual numbers, local rates are applicable even if you are outside of the region.

You can make your presence felt even if you are not in a particular area. This can make a good impact for the small companies who want to make it big to the world.

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