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Become a Leader in SMB Customer Service with IVR guru

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IVR Guru is one of the leading cloud telephony company which provides the best IVR service across India. It is providing its services to the call centers and other businesses even during the COVID-19 outbreak.
IVR Guru is dedicatedly offering the services through work-from-home. It has routed its customer support number to the agents with relevant skills.

IVR Guru and its 4 ways to support Remote Teams

Let us see how IVR Guru is helping remote teams to work in optimised way and give a satisfied customer service:

1. Call Routing

IVR Guru Offers call routing facility that allows you to direct the customer calls to the available agent with the relevant skills considering the factors like time and location.


  •  More answered calls
  •  Reduced hold time
  •  Improved service
  • Customers with higher priority are placed at the starting of queue

2. Call Recording

IVR Guru offers call recording facility to the call centres to record the customers’ calls for future use. You can record your ongoing calls anytime.

Uses of Call recording in business:

  •  For future use
  •  Recalling the customer’s query
  •  To train the employees
  •  Resolving the issues

3. Call Monitoring

Call monitoring is an effective way to ensure that the employees are providing the best solutions in remote work. It allows you to monitor each call, total received calls, missed calls, employees’ performance etc. Benefits:

  • Motivates employee to provide BEST service

Your agents would love it when you will guide them what wrong and right things they are doing. It will motivate them to improve their service.

  •  Improves Performance

Call monitoring enables you to listen the live calls and know if the services are provided properly or not. You can even prompt an agent to give more accurate solutions to the customer. Hence; your business performance improves.

  •  Customer Satisfaction

By ensuring that high quality service is being provided to your customers, your business goal is achieved. Having a happy customer is the most important factor for any business. When you offer a quality rich service even from remote area, customers get satisfied and they turn into a “loyal client”.

  • Boosts your Sales

When customers are happy with your service, they come again and again to you. Their trust strengthen towards your company ultimately resulting into a high conversion rate. You achieve all the business goals without much effort.

4. Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)

CRM is a technology that enables you to manage your company’s relationships with the customers. CRM plays a major role in remote work.
The main aim of a CRM system is to engage more customers to your business. It gives a clear vision of the user history and present status of
every single relationship. It is easily accessible by the staff from remote location.

CRM can be connected to external data sources like accounting systems and websites to get the customer relationship information at each step. This results into higher customer retention rate.

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