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Call Management Solutions for Business

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Process of designing and applying the incoming telephone parameters is called
Call management. These parameters direct the routing of calls through a
Call management is mostly used by businesses and call centres.
Call management parameters guide the call distribution according to the agent’s
skills, availability and location.

What is call management software?
Call management software routes and manages the incoming and outgoing calls.
You can easily track your business performance with the help of real time call
reports feature. This software comes with the features like IVR, Auto dialler etc.
Features of call management software
A Call management software has following attractive features:

1. Call Routing
Call routing is a process in which every inbound call is arranged in a queue and
directed to a specific agent as per the rules. It is also known as an
automatic call distributor (ACD).

2. Call Tracking
Call tracking is a technology that is used to record the source, contact number,
geographical location and recording of a call. It allows you to record both
incoming and outgoing calls in a single dashboard.

3. IVR
Customers interacts with the computer system which guides them to follow
further steps.

4. Call recording
Use call recording feature to capture the conversation between you and your
customers for future purpose.
Advantages of call management software

 Streamlined communication
Call management system enables you to manage high call volume and save your
time. It improves the efficiency and quality of work.

 Track Performance
This software helps to record business performance with the help of metrics like
total missed calls, average answer time, hold time etc.

 Business productivity
Call management software enables you to have in-depth insights of customer data
and customer behaviour. With these insights, you can improve your performance
and business productivity.

 Monitoring
Call monitoring allows you to monitor or analyse the interaction of your agent
and customers. This interaction can be both live and recorded. It enables you to
check the quality of service, required improvements. You can see your agent’s
desktop activities anytime.
Need of Call Management in Business
Below are the reasons to have a Call Management System for your business:

1. No more un-received business calls:
For every business, each call is a possibility of an opportunity. You can’t afford
to miss any business call. But with the Call Management System, you can track
all the calls even after office hours! It provides a complete list of received and
missed calls.

2. Improve your business reputation:
Call management systems offers IVR Service in which customers are greeted
with a friendly voice mentioning your brand name. It is an effective way to
promote your Brand name along with providing services. It reduces call hold
time and customers get more satisfied.
It doesn’t matter the size and what kind of business you own. To manage the
calls in an optimized way, you need to have a Call Management System. Grow
your business with Call Management System.

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