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Inbound Call Center Software

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An inbound call center is a call center that handles incoming calls of
customers. These incoming calls are made by customers to seek technical
support, inquiries, complaints etc. Setup of an inbound call center is an
easy process.
Inbound call center software enables the call centre agents to attend the
calls more efficiently and quickly.

Why should one invest in call center software?
A Call center software has following features that make it a “must have”

1. CRM Integration
Call center software provides CRM and ticketing integrations which
allows you to connect the user data with your call centre. This special
feature enables your agents to handle huge amount of calls more

2. IVR Flexibility
With the hosted IVR service, you can route the customers via an
Automated Interactive Voice Response unit. The customers can select the
desired service which is instructed by auto generated voice prompts. In
this way you provide a continuous and smooth customer service.

3. Automatic Call Distribution Software
Automated Call Distribution (ACD) Software enables inbound call centers
to direct the customers’ calls to the agent with the relevant skill set. ACD
assigns the agents according to their availability.

4. Queue Monitoring
This feature allows you to manage customers in queue and route them to
the available agent with relevant skills. It is responsive to IVR, email and
other communication mediums.

Other Features of Inbound Call centre solution:
 Call on hold
 Music on hold
 Average handling Time
 Priority routing
 Time based routing
 Call monitoring
 Call recording
 Email handling

Is there any hardware required for the call center software
NO ! hardwares or tools are requared to set up call centre software.
You can manage the operations, store the data and other
customer details on clouds/online.

How long does it take to install this application?
It takes less than a 10 Minute inbound call centre software. Its totaly cloud based online system its set up in few minutes and you can start using it instantly!
Make sure to place your virtual phone numbers, welcome messages to
experience a smooth set up process.

Is there any minimum internet speed needed for call center

No! The quality of the call is not dependent on the Internet service.
on the amount of call you receive.

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